Acupuncture of Powell

Community Acu

 Please contact me at 740-919-3599, or click Contact Me, to organize community style acupuncture for your group. I will come to your community site within a 20 mile radius of Powell, Ohio. For more about Acupuncture, download this free e-book, Why Did You Put That Needle There?

The fee is 25-45/ session, whichever you feel you can afford.  First Visit Consultation is $50, and this initial appointment includes a private, one-on-one intake and consultation followed by a community acupuncture treatment.  Please contact me privately, before your initial Community Acupuncture treatment, if you find you cannot pay the full price ($50) for the first visit consultation and treatment.

Group or Community Acupuncture strives to serve the community by making acupuncture more accessible. Usually a group of 6 or more people are seated comfortably in the same room or space.  Don’t worry!  You won’t be baring much skin.  The treatments are primarily performed on the legs, arms, hands, feet and ears.  You then rest, in utter relaxation, for up to an hour...whenever you’re ready to go, the needles are removed and you’re on your way. 

I also offer on-site Community Ariculotherapy using the N.A.D.A. (National Association Detoxification Acupuncture) , protocol for those who desire smoking cessation, or are dependent on Opioids, Alcohol, and other substances.
Utilizing the community milieu, I also treat those suffering with PTSD.

Review a list of conditions that acupuncture can treat, according to the World Health Organization.