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Happy Hour Ahh...

What is Acupuncture Happy Hour? (AHH)

AHH is your time.  You and a few friends seated comfortably in your space, you listen to calming music. The room is whisper quiet while you receive gentle acupuncture on just a handful of acupoints.  No disrobing required.  Then you'll receive light, non-needle stimulation of a few points in your ears.  Breathe. Renew yourself with this wonderfully de-stressing indulgence.  I'll place a few ear discreet flesh tone "seeds" on select points of one ear. image If you prefer, you may upgrade to Swarovoski crystal and 24k gold ear seeds.

You could provide herbal te ☕️ , or even a glass of wine 🍷 to add to the experience.

These “seeds” stay on up to 5 days, and you massage them a few times a day to reinforce and prolong the calming and rejuvenating effects of your treatment. Then simply peel them off.

If you want to provide a unique, relaxing, health enhancing get-together for a group of your friends or colleagues, call, text, or email me so we can arrange it!  

ph: 740-919-3599

 Acupuncture of Powell