Acupuncture of Powell


imageAcupuncture can be a huge help to you if you choose to get on a path of more vibrant life by no longer smoking.

Licensed acupuncturists most often use the National Association of Detoxification Acupuncture (N.A.D.A.) Protocol,

as it's efficacy is time-tested.  It takes four visits, usually. At your first office visit, you will receive a brief examination, acupuncture treatment of a few body points, then stimulation of ear points, and lastly, your acupuncturist will affix very small "ear seeds" with instructions to massage these several times daily and if you feel a craving.  Visits three, four, and five you have the ear points stimulated and fresh ear seeds applied.  The seeds are covered with flesh-colored surgical tape, or you may choose to upgrade by purchasing a bit of bling, so your "seeds" will be Swarovski crystals.  Whichever seeds you use, you may remove them yourself with a little peeling, should you desire to do so.

The cost:

Initial Office Visit 95.00  This takes about 35 - 45 minutes

Three subsequent treatments are 50.00 each. These should be scheduled close together and take 20 - 30 minutes

If during the following six weeks you feel you would benefit from one more treatment 25.00

Except for the possible 25.00 extra treatment, the Smoking Cessation Protocol is paid in full at your first visit.  Flexible Spending Plans pay 100%.  Acupuncture of Powell will generate an Insurance Superbill that you may submit for reimbursement if your carrier covers acupuncture treatment.